My Approach

LBR Communications devotes its strategic public relations and marketing communication expertise to businesses, non-profits, political entities. With a blend of client specialties from various market sectors and a flare for networking and connectivity, LBR consistently meets and exceeds client public relations expectations.

LBR’s success with its cross-section of clients — from oil/gas/clean energy to technology and STEM-focused businesses to documentary films and non-profits to state and national political campaigns—has established over the past 19 years a robust and loyal long-term and shorter term project-based clientele.

In an era of mobile technology, LBR also utilizes the expertise of PR and marketing colleagues. These professionals support LBR in accomplishing strategic public relations efforts and various marketing initiatives, and to deliver a high-level of media communications and social impact regardless of the size or scope of the client account or campaign.

Call upon LBR Communications if you are seeking a public relations and marketing | technical or professional writing firm with an affable approach that offers effective results that align with organization’s objectives.

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